Refined Brown Sugar for sale online

  1. Color: Refined brown sugar should have a consistent light to medium brown color. The color is a result of the presence of a small amount of molasses.
  2. Texture: The sugar should have a fine and uniform granulation, similar to that of white granulated sugar. The refining process aims to create a smooth texture.
  3. Flavor: Refined brown sugar retains a subtle molasses flavor, though it is milder than that of natural brown sugar.
  4. Moisture Content: The moisture content in refined brown sugar is typically controlled to ensure it remains free-flowing and does not clump. The moisture content is usually less than 1%.
  5. Granule Size: The size of the granules should be consistent, with no large clumps or irregularities.
  6. Packaging: Refined brown sugar is commonly available in various packaging options, including bags, boxes, or bulk containers. Packaging should be designed to prevent moisture absorption and maintain the quality of the sugar.
  7. Shelf Life: The shelf life of refined brown sugar is long, and proper storage in a cool, dry place helps maintain its quality. It is important to follow storage recommendations provided by the manufacturer.


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Refined Brown Sugar for sale online