Premium Quality Oak Firewood

Raw material: soft wood, hard wood or customer design
Burning rate: >98%
Impact pressure: 300T
Ash: <4.31%
Calorific value: 4331kcal
Diameter: 6-12mm
Length: customer design
Moistur: <7.64%
Density: 1-1.3g/cm3
Packing: 15kg bags or According to buyers requirement


Premium Quality Oak Firewood Welcome to TUE HANDEL GMBH 

At TUE HANDEL GMBH , we take pride in providing the finest quality oak firewood to warm your homes and elevate your fireplace experience. Our seasoned oak firewood is carefully selected, sustainably sourced, and expertly prepared to ensure you enjoy a cozy and efficient burn every time.

Why Choose Our Oak Firewood?

1. Premium Quality Oak Firewood:

Our firewood is sourced from the heart of oak forests, guaranteeing you the highest quality wood. Oak is renowned for its dense, slow-burning properties, making it an ideal choice for a long-lasting and warm fire.

2. Well-Seasoned for Optimal Burning:

We understand the importance of well-seasoned firewood. Our oak logs are properly seasoned to reduce moisture content, ensuring a clean burn and minimal smoke, so you can fully enjoy the warmth without worrying about excessive residue.

3. Sustainable Sourcing:

We are committed to environmental responsibility. Our oak firewood is harvested sustainably, promoting the health of the forests and ensuring a renewable supply for generations to come.

4. Customizable Orders:

Whether you need a small bundle for a cozy night or a bulk order for extended winter warmth, we’ve got you covered. Explore our customizable options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

How to Use Oak Firewood Effectively

Make the most out of your oak firewood with these tips:

1. Proper Stacking:

Stack your oak firewood in a dry, well-ventilated area. This helps the wood continue to dry and ensures optimal burning conditions.

2. Use Hardwood for Kindling:

Start your fire with hardwood kindling to ignite the oak efficiently. Oak may take a little longer to catch fire but rewards you with a longer and more sustained burn.

3. Regular Chimney Cleaning:

Keep your fireplace or stove working efficiently by regularly cleaning the chimney. This prevents the buildup of creosote and ensures a safer and more effective burn.

Order Your Premium Quality Oak Firewood Today!

Experience the warmth and charm of a crackling oak fire. Place your order today, and let TUE HANDEL GMBH, deliver premium oak firewood straight to your doorstep.

Premium Quality Oak Firewood